Hi! My name is Luna. I’m a rescue pup living in Houston, Texas, seeking adventure in a dog friendly world.

Luna On The Go is a blog all about living the best pup life possible! Eating, sleeping, traveling, and pampering. You know, the essentials 🙂

I’m an aspiring world traveler and to be honest, I’m a bit of a social butterfly. I love being “on the go”, going to restaurants, cafes and bars to meet up with friends. And last but not least, I love to be spoiled (but who doesn’t?)

Through this blog, I hope to provide inspiration for other pups and their parents to live their best life. My goal is to give you pup-friendly ideas on where to eat, where to hang out, and what to do in Houston and the surrounding cities. This is where I will start, but eventually, I’d love to show you the best in the country and even the world.

I’m super happy to meet you! I hope you follow my journey and take advantage of my lifestyle tips! 😀

“I’d rather stay at home with my dog than go out without her”